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Why Penis Girth Is Important To Women?

Does penis size matter to women when it comes to sexual intercourse?

A large number of individuals have debated this issue for a long time now. And although the answer is always as: "it’s not the size that matters but what you do with".

Every adult male knows better. How then do you explain the excitement on a woman’s face when she discovers that her lover has a big penis?

And the disappointment she feels if she discovers that her lover has a small penis. It is clear to all men that size matters a big deal. Most especially penis girth.

It seems the mass media and the shocking stories of men who have big penises has resulted in a large number of men looking for ways to increase their penis by a few inches.

Most women would agree with the simple truth that a man with a big penis is manlier and better in bed than a man who is stuck with a small or an average penis size.

With the whole hype on big things like big cars and big houses, most women have also adopted the slogan that when it comes to having wonderful sex, "always go for the man with the bigger penis". Even among we guys we tend to feel that once a man has a big penis he must be a stud in bed (which is usually true). We all link a small penis with low sexual stamina, reduced virility and impotence.

I still have not answered the question on why penis girth is important to women. Although a lot of women enjoy the feeling of deep penetration. All women prefer a thick penis that stretches their vagina. And gives them that enjoyable sensation of being "completely full". A long and slender penis is of no use to a woman. It just tickles and pokes them in their vaginas. And why exactly do women prefer a thick penis to a long and slender penis?

This choice has to do with the way the vagina is structured. The G-spot of women is located at about 2 inches deep in the upper walls of their vaginas. The G-spot when stimulated during sexual intercourse is capable of giving extreme pleasure.

With a thick penis the clitoris and the G-spot could be stimulated simultaneously during penetration, this results in powerful and explosive orgasms for the woman.

Also a thick penis is capable of expanding the vagina well enough to ensure that the friction between the vaginal wall and the penis is maximized. This double combination of being "full" and being able to feel their lover’s penis to the maximum is extremely pleasurable for women. No wonder a lot of women are usually more patient and caring with their well-endowed lovers knowing that they are capable of giving them explosive rounds of sex.

You might say that preference of a big penis over a small or an average penis is something that varies from one woman to another. The simple fact remains a big penis (as long as it is not more than 9 inches long and 7 inches thick) gives more pleasurable feelings than a small or an average penis.

Yeah I also have to say this penis size is not every thing when it comes to relationships. We also have other things that women love, which are intimacy, passion and emotional connection to their lovers. But asides these things for most women "Big penises rule!!"

In the minds of a large number of men the average penis girth seems to be as thick as a coke can. Which is not true! This distortion is a result of the influx of porn in the mass media.

Various surveys have revealed time and time again that the average erect penis girth is between 4.5 to 5.5 inches. While the average erect penis length is between 5.5 to 6.2 inches. Do these ranges compare with yours? If you are below any of the lower ranges then you have a small penis.

Some men (like me) have actually found ways to increase both their penis length and their penis girth. Just do a search on for the phrase "penis enlargement" and you would be amazed at the various methods and products be touted as the solution to your problem.

If you have read this far it is safe for me to assume that you are not happy with the size of your penis and you wish to increase it by just a few inches. Guess What? There is good news for you.

Penis enlargement is possible and I am a living testimony to that. I increased the size of my "statistically average penis" by 2 inches in length and 1.5 inches in penis girth by the use of natural penis enlargement exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills.

Do you want to be seen as a man with a large penis? Then I would advise you go for this natural penis enlargement exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills combination if you are seeking more of penis girth than length. Why is that? Because unlike penis devices you can decide to focus on only penis girth exercises. And when you reach you desired penis girth you begin doing length exercises if you wish to.

You know women prefer a big penis to a small or an average penis. You know women prefer a thick penis to slender penis. You know women love long and thick dicks. Now what are you going to do to ensure that you get the penis that makes women drool with lust.?

Just begin engaging in a quality natural penis enlargement exercise program like Penile Secrets and supplement with a quality penis enlargement pill like VigrxPlus pills and you are well on you way to having a big penis swinging between your thighs.

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