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Penis Enlargement Pumps - Avoid Using This Method Or Else!!

First of all you may ask what are penis enlargement pumps?

MY ANWSER: A penis pump is a vacuum device, which uses external conditions to increase one’s penis size.

It is made up of a plastic cylinder that you fit over your penis, a compression ring place at the base of the penis and then a manual or mechanical pump.

So how do penis enlargement pumps work?

MY ANSWER: When you wear the plastic cylinder on your penis and begin "pumping" you force air out of the plastic cylinder. This change in pressure creates a sort of vacuum around your penis. This results in blood rushing to fill your penis chambers much faster and stronger than a normal erection would.

So your penis becomes engorged and larger. In most cases you would be required to wear a rubber compression ring at the base of your penis to stop blood from flowing away from the penis.

In theory continuous "pumping" is supposed to increase the size of the penile tissues since the pump gives a firmer and slightly larger erection after pumping.


Yes "In theory". Using a penis pump is not a guarantee that you would have a permanently enlarged penis at the end of the day. As a matter of fact you would end up with some little annoyances that you never expected like:

First of all your gains are only temporary since you are only forcing more blood into your penis. This does not improve your sexual stamina or give you a longer or thicker "dick".

  • You could get lymph blisters on the glands of your penis because of the tube.
  • The pressure of "pumping" your penis can rupture tiny blood vessels in your penis and cause internal bleeding. Although your body would recover from these minor injury, continuous pumping can cause permanent damage to your dick.
  • You may not be able to achieve a normal erection after extended use of pumps.
  • You would end up becoming dependent on the penis enlargement pump to achieve an erection

Why Use this method of penile enlargement when they are other methods that guarantee you not only a bigger penis but also a stronger and healthier penis?

It baffles me when I read the post of various men in penis enlargement forums on how they became dependent on penis pumps to achieve rock hard erections!

Why wait that long before you realize that those pumps are just a "piece of shit".

Way back in 2001, I was contemplating using penis enlargement pumps to increase my penis size. Actually I found a site that sold pumps that claimed they could add as much as 3 inches to both the length and girth of my penis.

I would have purchased a pump back then. But the only problem was that I was 16 yrs and I had no credit cards or a Checking account to be able to pay for the pump.

Thank goodness I did not buy those ridiculously expensive pieces of junk that was being sold to desperate men back then.

I later opted for a combination of penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills which gave me a modest 2 inches increase in my penis length and 1.5 inches in penis girth and as of the time of writing this page I am still taking those wonderful herbal penis enlargement pills (VigrxPlus Pills) and engaging in more advanced penis exercise routines.

Let’s face it! You do not need penis enlargement pumps except you want to end up with a damaged penis. A combination of penis exercises and Herbal penis enlargement pills is the best method of getting a bigger penis.

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