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Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises - How Do They Work?

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises graphicYou might wonder how engaging in penis exercises can give you a powerful and a bigger penis. Although the penis is not a muscle, it is possible to increase the size of your penile tissues using special and dedicated exercises.

These exercises are a safe and proven method of developing the size of your penis. A very popular penile enlargement exercise like the jelq was used by ancient Arabs to enlarge and strengthen their penis, especially during the periods before marriage.

To understand how natural penis enlargement exercises cause penile growth, you should know a little more about your penis. Your penis is made up of three main areas. Two large chambers on the top, called the Corpora Cavernosa. And a smaller chamber on the bottom of the penis called the Corpus Spongiosum.

These three chambers are where blood is stored when you become sexually excited and achieve an erection. The smaller chamber, which is the Corpus Spongiosum, is the chamber you use for ejaculating and urinating. While the two large chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) contains 90% of the blood in your erect penis.

So for you to achieve a bigger penis, you must find a way of increasing the size of your Corpora Cavernosa. This is where penis exercises come into the picture. Exercising your Corpora Cavernosa will allow it to retain more blood as it develops larger and stronger.

Engaging in natural Penis enlargement exercises break down the cell walls of your Corpora Cavernosa by forcing blood into the penile tissues. Every time you exercise your penis, it stretches the penile cells larger than their normal sizes.

During rest periods these penile cells grow into longer, larger and stronger sizes. As this continues on a regular basis your penis begins to hold more blood. This expands your erectile tissues and in a few weeks, you begin to notice a longer, thicker, stronger and fitter penis.

Changes you would Notice when engaging in Penis Exercises

There a few changes you begin to notice when you start exercising. After a few weeks of engaging in natural penis enlargement exercises, you would notice that your erections become harder and thicker. This is because these exercises would have improved the blood circulation around your penis.

And also the volume of blood entering your penis would have increased. You would also notice that your flaccid penis looks much bigger, because of the improved blood flow to your genitals.

After 4 – 5 weeks of exercising your penis, you would have gained about half an inch in erect length and fullness. You would also have developed control over your ‘PC muscle’. Developing control over this muscle enables you to gain control over your ejaculation and increase your sexual stamina.

Engaging in natural penis enlargement exercises regularly for the next 4 – 5 months, and you can be sure to have your penis 2 inches longer and about an inch thicker. Although you can still increase the size of your penis past these dimensions, but most men are satisfied with 2 inches in erect length and 1 inch in thickness. It is all up to you if you want more.

Natural penis enlargement is not impossible. And as with other parts of the body, which can be exercised, your penis can be exercised and developed to be much larger, healthier and stronger than it presently is.

One little complaint about penile enlargement exercises by men who engage in them is that they take quite some time to see results. This little problem can be solved by using a good penis enlargement supplement like VigrxPlus Pills while engaging in your natural penis enlargement exercise program. This results in faster gains and ensures that your penile tissues heal faster after your penile enlargement exercise workout routine.

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